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This is probably a stupid question, but would people be interested with me doing diagrams of all known dinosaurs with preserved evidence of feathers? Probably with a line-illustration similar to my size chart illustrations for each one and another diagram showing what is actually preserved. Think of it like a visual version of the Known Integument in Non-Avian Coelurosaurs list. I'm thinking of compiling them into family or superfamily level (or equivilent) clade reperesentive pieces.

This is something I've been considering doing for a while, but it will be a monumental task. I might whip up one clade soon as an example once I've got a couple commissions out of the way.
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I am extremely proud of this infographic on the life appearance of Tyrannosurus rex I produced alongside arvalis for our video game project Saurian. It is so satisfying to show off all the research that goes into our designs. My online palaeo friends will also note that this offers a sneak peak into my personal palaeo/evo-devo research.

Saurian-T. rex Infographic by arvalis
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Just crossed that line. Thanks all!
About to start cooking up a new pencil drawing today. Some more size charts are in the works as well, so more content to come very soon!
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So I passed 200 watchers sometime during the last week. That is a lot. Thanks to everyone who has done so over the years, and to everyone who like and favourites my stuff. It's all much appreciated, really.

Anyway, I'm at my parent's for the next few days and thus away from my scanner (and tablet), this will make it impossible for me to update my 30 Day Dinosaur Drawing Challenge series. I will keep drawing them and will time-stamp them physically and upload them all together when I get home on Saturday.
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Thought I should probably add this too my journal entries to help keep it at the top of the pile.
Info here:…
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We at Hell Creek have released a palaeo-art calender for 2013 displaying reconstructions of archosaur discoveries from 2012. It features art from myself, Chris Doodler Masna, Emily Willoughby and many others.

Proceeds will likely be going to the creation of a dinosaur book for children written and illustrated by those involved with this calender. Something to try and stem the flow of crap that young minds are being exposed too.

In any case, it's pretty cheap ($17.99 USD) and available at Emily's store, we'd all be very appreciative of donations to the cause:…
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We are currently running a contest to design a banner for the Hell Creek forum (

Rules: There are none, just create something that fits archosaurian/mesozoic-paleontology theme of the website.

If you are not a member of Hell Creek, entries can be posted in this thread. Also post in this thread to express your interest so I can get a rough idea of the numbers and who will be entering.

The deadline is Sunday the 11th of September. Get involved and enjoy!
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It's been 5 years on the site, but I'm finally getting out there a little.
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It now focuses on Dinosaurs and the Mesozoic era specifically more than general paleontology, but it's all there.

Links (both go to the same place):…?

A few things:
1. I expect to see all you who said yes there :P
2. Let's get some threads up ASAP and get a roll on. Any ideas you've got, I'll pin the best ones.
3. Get any critiques or suggestions that you can think of up in the "help and information" section.
4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Spread the word. Get anyone who you think would be interested involved.

I think this can be quality if we can get a good community going.
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Pretty simple question: If I were to create a Paleontology based forum, would anyone join. DinoForum has slowed to being almost dead and I kind of miss having my own forum.

Post in the comments saying weather you would + any ideas you may have that could be included.
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Capcom are holding a poll on they're official site to see which game franchice should be rebooted and Dino Crisis is on there.

Please go and register here (or probably at the US equivilent): and vote for it. It'll take about two minutes and might get us an awesome Dinosaur game out of it.

Note: Dino Crisis is actually way out in front, but more votes are still needed to keep it that way.
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Yep. Go have a look:…
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Yep. Got the old scanner up and working so I've deleted lots of older deviations that had terrible, camera quality uploads and replaced them with shiny new scanned versions.

Also posted a new Bambiraptor image. I've got more artworks on the way too including a Limusaurus, an Orolotitan and another try at Australovenator.
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I have been putting together a comic book series to be written and pencilled by the various writers/artists in the community. The story, involving a group of teenagers stranded on a prehistoric island, is far from original, but leaves a lot of wriggle room for artists.

It will work on an issue by issue basis (each writer will write an issue and each artist will draw an issue). And then if anyone is still interested after they're one issue they can have another turn after everyone has had one.

So, anyone interested please reply to this thread stating what you want to do.

Thank you.


For those interested, the prologue goes as so:
A rich teenager, just out of high-school, plans a trip for his friends and classmates to blow off steam after graduation. In an attempt to buy friends he otherwise couldn't keep, he has convinced his rich parents to fund the entire trip.
The trip involves heading across the world to Philippines, where they have hired a large cruise ship to take them on a two week cruise around the tropical islands of the south pacific.

However, on the trip something goes askew and the ship is caught in a powerful tropical storm. This forces the cruise ship off course and then seems to drag it many miles in one direction without the ships captain having any hope to changing course. With tempers already fuming on the ship between passengers and officials over their position the seemingly living storm sinks the cruise. Small amounts of people manage to flee the ship via life boats. One of these is washed ashore on a mysterious, foggy island covered in lush rainforest.

A forgotten land; inhabited by mighty creatures and primitive men lingering from times long forgotten. The four survivors must now conquer inner demons and work together to overcome a world of primordial predators.
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Thats right, we have started a Primordial Predators comic that anyone can get involved in.

The story involves a cruise ship of teenagers crashing on an uncharted island populated by tribes of natives and cryptid dinosaurs.

If you wan't to get involved as a writer or illistrator, go here: and sign up.
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I have a forum open concerning Dinosaurs/Cryptozoology and the like. If your into this sort of thing please come and join.

Also noteworthy, all info on my novel can be found here, and questions can be asked.
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Yes, I am writing a novel, a real novel to get published (or attempt to).
I thought I'd post up a preview for y'all to get a taste of the style.

This is the second chapter. Enjoy, feedback much appreciated.…

Cheers, Tomozaurus.
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I just got into a Games Design and Development course at university.
I'm stoked.
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