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Zhongjianosaurus by Tomozaurus Zhongjianosaurus :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 116 17 Daspletosaurus horneri, Carr version (raw sketch) by Tomozaurus Daspletosaurus horneri, Carr version (raw sketch) :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 111 17 Utahraptor sketch by Tomozaurus Utahraptor sketch :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 129 13 Skull Island Critters by Tomozaurus Skull Island Critters :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 220 43 Gorgosaurus sketch by Tomozaurus Gorgosaurus sketch :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 87 12 Morrison Kimmeridgian Environment Diagram (sketch) by Tomozaurus Morrison Kimmeridgian Environment Diagram (sketch) :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 118 13 Hell Creek maniraptoriform sketch dump by Tomozaurus Hell Creek maniraptoriform sketch dump :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 109 13 Beaked Camarasaurus sketch by Tomozaurus Beaked Camarasaurus sketch :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 71 23 Evading Ratite Forteller by Tomozaurus Evading Ratite Forteller :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 80 12 Aerodactylus portrait by Tomozaurus Aerodactylus portrait :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 78 7 Sketchy Yutyrannus by Tomozaurus Sketchy Yutyrannus :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 72 12 Velociraptor 2016 by Tomozaurus Velociraptor 2016 :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 85 18 Sketch Time by Tomozaurus Sketch Time :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 138 25 Ievers' Shield Saurian by Tomozaurus Ievers' Shield Saurian :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 47 8 Jurassic Park 2016 - Tyrannosaurus (feathered) by Tomozaurus Jurassic Park 2016 - Tyrannosaurus (feathered) :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 133 23 Jurassic Park 2016 - Tyrannosaurus (featherless) by Tomozaurus Jurassic Park 2016 - Tyrannosaurus (featherless) :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 65 12


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Tom Parker
Artist | Student | Varied
Known as Tomozaurus or Tomopteryx in online circles.

I am a biological science enthusiast with a particular interest in birds, crocodilians, evolution, phylogenetics and the reconstruction of extinct animals + ecosystems. I am currently studying Zoology and Animal Science aiming towards a future in animal research. On the side, I am a freelance scientific illustrator specializing in life reconstructions of stem-birds. I have a degree in Computer Science and have dabbled in game design in the past, focusing on level and environment design. I am a developer for the indie video game Saurian, reconstructing the ecosystem of Hell Creek and bringing it to life using Unity 3D. In my spare time I am also a devotee of Australian rules football and heavy metal music.


Zhongjianosaurus yangi, a very small microraptorine described today (11th of April 2017). The holotype totals out in the 50cm range. Done with the intention of being added to Wikipedia, but the page isn't even up yet!
Daspletosaurus horneri, Carr version (raw sketch)
A sketch depcting the hypethesis on tyrannosaurid facial integument by Carr et al. 2017 taken at face value (no pun intended). This includes crocodilian-style skin around the oral margin, including the interpretation of foramina as origin points for integumentary sense organs (ISO's); "armoured skin" on the lacrimal, nasal, jugal boss, and ventral dentary; a cornified sheath on the post-orbital boss. Throat shows an inflatable gular sac as apparently indicated by a lost specimen of Tarbosaurus.

The rest of the illustration bares naken skin, you can imagine feathers or scales there at your own whim.

DISCLAIMER: this illustration is for the purpose of exploration, and to help people understand the end result of what the paper discusses. I do not necessarily agree with it's conclusions.
Utahraptor sketch
A very quick sketch of Utahraptor ostrummaysorum for #UtahraptorWeek: an initiative started by the Earth Archives blog to raise support for The Utahraptor Project, a current scientific endeavour to excavate a large sandstone block containing numerous Utahraptor fossils including juveniles and adults. The Utahraptor Project can be found here:

Figured I could throw together a quick sketch for a cause. Overall proportions are based primarily on the phylopic silhouette by ScottHartman and is likely to be rendered inaccurate once the data from new specimens comes in.
Skull Island Critters
Seeing Kong: Skull Island, plus all the "realistic Skull Crawler" illustrations floating around in the community inspired me to tackle something else in this territory: a full menagerie of grounded skull island creature designs. The concept is essentially to illustrate a plausible ecosystem of megafauna for a hypothetical south pacific island. I made the mistake of doing these all in the same day so the quality got worse with each illustration (I went Kong, V. rex, Meiolania, snake) and the Photoshop cleanup is a real hack-job. I might clean it up and re-upload at some point.

The idea behind the island is based heavily on New Caledonia, Komodo Island and the Galapagos Islands. An ancient slice of Gondwana isolated from mainstream continental evolution populated by holdover taxa and sea-drift arrivals.  Each animal also exists to take the role of an animal from the original 1933 King Kong film. From left-to-right in this illustration are:

A giant matsoiid snake, takes the role of the "Elasmosaurus" from the 1933 film
Kong himself (a relative of the giant stem-Orangutan Gigantopithecus)
The "V. Rex" (Varanus rex) an enormous monitor lizard close to Megalania and the Komodo dragon, take the role of the tyrannosaur
An giant skull island species of Meiolania, a large stem-turtle from Australia and New Caledonia, takes the role of the stegosaur

Other ideas I had but didn't illustrate included a giant crocodile to fill the role of aquatic predator taken by Brontosaurus in the original film, small arboreal mekosuchine crocodiles, a giant herbivorous iguana, a giant frugivorous monitor lizard, moa-like birds and a Haast's Eagle-like bird.


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I don't know if you've looked into it, but what exactly is the status of the Nedoceratops specimen? Is it firmly it's own genus? A new species in a preoccupied genus? An unusual T. horridus, T. latus, or T. prorsus?
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